Safar began spinning wax in 1991 at venues and parties in the San Francisco scene and traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada, playing at different venues and guest DJed on many radio stations. In 1994, he began composing and producing music. In 1997, with six years experience in the industry and three years in production, he started an independent label called Whirling Records. Also working as an independent remix artist/producer on smaller labels such as Strictly Rhythm, he earned credits and releases on Warner/Reprise Records (USA) and Mute Records (UK) with Depeche Mode remixes.

Cutting out of “the scene” to pursue an exhilarating career selling cars for Ford Motor Company, he eventually revived his heart and enrolled in Ex’pression College for Digital Arts to dive deeper into a total immersion pursuit of his dreams in sound arts and music production.

While attending school, Safar’s outside roles included sound design and music production for Digital Mark Studios and Honey Interactive, and audio engineering for Live 105 BFD-DVD recording. Following graduation with a bachelor of applied science degree in sound arts, in January of 2001, he joined Ripe Sound where he started sound effects editing and mastering for Ripe Sound’s sound effects library. He also worked on sound design for several national and international ads for “ripe sound” clients such as Budweiser, Adidas, Panasonic, Playstation, Yahoo, Burger King, Zima, Discover Card, EA Sports, Fox NFL, Napster, Havoline motor oil, and many more.