Joots Karen, has taken his music across with gigs in Yerevan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ukraine, Rostov, Tbilisi, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

His network extended by that time in
meeting famous Djs from all around the world;
Robert Babicz, Sunches, Guri, Yves Larock, Oliver Giacomotta, Ben Klock, Nastia, Betocco and many others.

2017 has been very rewarding for Joots, hitting the Beatport techno-house top-100 charts, releasing on label; Nopreset Records.

All in all, Joots is capable of inspiring the clubbers’ mood by playing his various tracks of beats which will take them on a journey travelling thru time of the world of happiness and love, therefore, spreading positive energy with vibes making crowd crazy on dance floors.

Summary of Dj Experiences

Participation in large international fest of electronic music: DJ Summer Fest 2013